Service Training Course

Gain confidence in handling common bike issues and ensure a smoother ride every time!

We host mechanic courses in our shop to train you how to keep your bike running smoothly!







MTB Essentials: Learn the essentials of MTB Maintenance in a 3-hour intensive session. Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, our expert mechanics will guide you through the fundamentals. Gain confidence in handling common bike issues and ensure a smoother ride every time.

On-Trail Emergencies: Don't let an on-trail bike breakdown ruin your ride—whether you are a beginner or experienced rider, this clinic is designed for you. Learn essential skills to fix common bike problems that can occur during your ride. Our experts will guide you through practical solutions, providing tips and creative techniques to get your bike back on track when you're out on the trail. Equip yourself with the knowledge to handle on-trail mechanic emergencies effectively.

Suspension: Learn how to set up your suspension with our expert mechanics. This course delves into on-trail suspension setup, providing a comprehensive understanding of compression and rebound—both high speed and low speed. Join us for an immersive 3-hour experience on the trails, where you'll gain valuable insights and hands-on knowledge to optimize your bike's performance.

The important details:

SEASON: All Year!
DURATION: 3 Hour Lessons
LOCATION: RideHub Cafe!
MAX RATIO: 6 Clients to 1 Mechanic
MINIMUM AGE: 12 years
PRICE: $90.00+tax

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