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Guided Experiences
Leave the map at home and let our award winning, industry certified guides lead you on some of the best mountain bike trails that British Columbia has to offer on our Squamish guided mountain bike tours.
the world’s best trails
Squamish is known by everyone in the industry as one of the best mountain biking destinations on the planet.

For many, getting an opportunity to have a guided bike tour in the Sea To Sky Corridor is an adventure bucket list checkmark. The mountain bike trails you will see during our guided rides and guided bike tours are entirely unique with geological features that can’t be found anywhere else. Did we mention that one of the #1 rated mountain bike trails in the world is in our backyard?

Intro to Mountain Biking

Come see what all the excitement is about and experience what mountain biking has to offer in an all inclusive format, perfect for beginners!

Mountain Bike Jump with Squamish Bike Guides on Half Nelson trail
Guided Rides

Take the guess work out of your Squamish bike trip and let our guides match your experience with our best riding zones and trails.

Intro to
Mountain Biking
$180 for 2 Hour Experience (Bike Rental Included)
$70 for 2 Hour Experience (Bike Rental Included)

Here is a tour tailored for visitors to Squamish and people interested in experiencing mountain bikes for the first time making it a great experience for the whole family!

Over the last few years, Squamish has quickly developed into a hot spot for adventure tourism enthusiasts. Previously only a rest stop between Vancouver and Whistler, Squamish is now a full fledged destination for anyone with a yearning to experience the outdoors on an elevated level. There is no better place to give Mountain Biking a try than Squamish! Mountain Biking will give you a new perspective on outdoor excitement and provide you (and your family) a new challenge that will test you both mentally and physically. Our industry certified guides know how to get the most out of your trip to Squamish and will make sure your first experience on a mountain bike is a memorable one!

RideHub Intro to Mountain Biking is suitable for Beginner riders with no previous mountain biking experience. Clients should be able to competently ride a bicycle on pavement.
Technical Level
Endurance Level
Come learn why everyone wants to ride a mountain bike!

During your Intro to Mountain Biking session, we will teach you the fundamental skills you need to tackle the trails with confidence. Whether it is just yourself, or the whole family, Our guides will show you some of the infamous breathtaking trails that reside in our coastal forests that are entirely unique to this area. Squamish hosts the largest remaining intact temperate rainforest in the world.

Everything you need will be provided, including a super high-end Mountain Bike from Norco Bicycles and a Helmet to keep you safe.

  • Get started on the right foot
  • Expert guide & instructor
  • Your mountain bike is included
  • Your helmet is included
  • A guided experience for everyone
Family Friendly
Ready to ride?
A great experience for the whole family awaits
$249 for 3 Hour Guided Ride
$339 for 5 Hour Guided Ride
$70 for 3 Hour Guided Ride
$90 for 5 Hour Guided Ride

Whether you are looking for limitless flow, techie gnar or monster rock slabs, Squamish mountain biking has it all and our guides know where to find it. With all these trails to ride, it is all too easy to spend your day staring at a map as opposed to smiling from ear to ear. Are you used to riding double black trails back home? Do you wonder how that translates on Squamish bike trails? These are the reasons it makes sense to use our mountain bike guides and let RideHub plan a guided mountain bike tour for you and your group. Want the best food and beer in town? We know where it is and it takes the guess work out of your vacation.

RideHub Guided Rides are suitable for Novice, Intermediate & Advanced riders. Your skill level & endurance will dictate where our guides take you and your group. Riders with no experience should take Intro to Mountain Biking or Private Lessons first.
Technical Level
Endurance Level
Leave the planning to our team

Have an idea that you want to make happen? Are you a corporate group looking for an awesome team building experience. Maybe a surprise for a friend or a significant other? Let us know and we’ll tailor an unforgettable experience with our guides. Combine our guided rides with some Squamish specific training and overnight accommodation and unlock a whole new level of adventure tourism! We are experts at coordinating events so you can leave all the hard stuff to us!

  • Always private groups, just you and your guide
  • As simple or gnarly as your level allows
  • An insured, permitted & certified expert Guide
  • Access to our customer shuttle (when available)
  • Maximize your bike time, without getting lost
E-Bike Friendly
Let’s go shred!
We will make this the most fun on two wheels!
Discovery Tour

Discover the natural beauty and diverse ecosystem of Squamish on a high-end E-Bike. Any level of biking ability will enjoy our friendly Eco-Tour which guides you through the most scenic vistas of Squamish from river to ocean.

Guests will get a chance to see coastal temperate rainforests, salmon spawning rivers, mountains, ancient volcanoes, Howe Sound (the southernmost fjord in North America) and the Squamish River estuary – all in 2-3 hours! Squamish is where the mountains collide with the ocean and is as beautiful as it is diverse.

This E-Bike Discovery Tour is booked directly through our partner Blazing Saddles Adventures. This tour is designed for all rider abilities and endurance levels, including children that are over 10 years old. For those looking to experience mountain biking specifically, you should consider booking an Intro to Mountain Biking experience.
Technical Level
Endurance Level
Experience the beauty of Squamish

This tour is for everyone. You do not have to be super-fit or an experienced biker. Just have a love for adventure and beautiful places!

Blazing Saddle Adventures was started to provide a unique way to show visitors the amazing and diverse ecosystems around Squamish, BC. By using high end E-Bikes this Eco-tour is more accessible to everyone. Friendly, local guides will instruct you on how to use your E-bike and guide you through a series of fun, easy trails. You will stop along the way to take in the amazing natural beauty of the area and learn some interesting facts about the natural environment.

  • Top-of-the-line and easy-to-use cruiser E-Bikes
  • 2.5 to 3 Hour tours of Squamish
  • Explore wider, flatter and beautiful trails
  • A Professional guide is included
  • Ideal for ages 10+
  • Helmets included
E-Bikes Included
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Our coaching curriculum has been built using the best practices from a broad cross section of national and global instructor certification programs. We have the most broadly cross-trained instructors in Canada.
Comprehensive industry certifications
Trusted by
beginners through to world champions
Jessica R.
Private MTB Instruction

I invested a few days into some private skills coaching with the RideHub team and I just want to say thank you for the tremendous support with my riding. I look forward to shredding the trails all season and coming for a refresher before the start of next season. Thank you!

Anonymous Rider
Private MTB Instruction

By far the best skills coaching I have ever received on a bike. Matt took the time to break my riding down to it’s core pieces and through his lessons help me understand why I had trouble progressing further with my skills. I highly recommend mountain bike private lessons!

of customers aren’t wrong
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Reach out to our team for more information!
What you need to bring
Your Mountain Bike
Bike Rentals are included for Intro to Mountain Biking experiences, and you are more than welcome to rent a mountain bike for any of our Guided Rides if you didn't bring your bike with you to Squamish.

Otherwise, your mountain bike should be in good working order and should have been recently serviced. Our guides will perform a safety check on your bike prior to the start of the experience. While we will assist with any minor issues that are identified, participants are ultimately responsible for the condition of their own bicycle. Riders with unsafe bicycles will not be allowed to participate.

Your mountain bike should have suspension, at least 10 gears and tires that are wider than 2". If you require a rental bike as part of your Guided Ride, please let us know as soon as possible as our inventory regularly rents out completely!
Pedals & Shoes
If you are bringing your own bike, hopefully you brought your choice of pedals and shoes. RideHub does not stock clipless pedals for rental so you must bring your own if you want to use them. For those using a rental bike as part of your experience, flat pedals will be provided.

As equally important as pedals are your shoes. A good quality flat soled Mountain Biking shoe should be used with flat pedals. Flat pedal shoes can be purchased from your local bike shop and are a great piece of kit to invest in. Otherwise a quality athletic shoe will do!
Armor & Protection
Helmets are mandatory for all participants in any cycling activity. There are no exceptions to this rule.

It is advised that you also bring any and all body armor that you are comfortable spending the duration of the course in. Most riders will bring knee/shin protection and some will also bring elbow protection. Your mountain bike guide may also wear armor they are comfortable in. If it helps your confidence and doesn’t hinder your endurance, consider bringing it. Ultimately, it is your decision how much you want to armor up for your guided ride. Our shop rents armor kits consisting of Knee and Elbow pads if you require them.

Gloves & protective eyewear are also recommended.
Hydration & Snacks
Because we will be spending a good portion of the day on our bikes, it is your responsibility to keep yourself hydrated – and it’s easy to forget when you are having fun. Please bring a water bottle or hydration pack and please make sure your water bottle or hydration pack is full of fresh water when you arrive. If you are meeting at the cafe before your experience, you will be able to fill your water up there.

Remember, practicing Mountain Bike Skills can sometimes be more exhausting that just riding your bike, especially when the sun is out and we don’t have a forest canopy to protect us during drills.
Frequently asked questions
What about the weather?
Unlike a lot of other riding areas, coastal British Columbia is actually a temperate rainforest, which means it rains – a lot. But alas, that also means many of our trails were designed to deal with the rain. Also thanks to an incredibly dense canopy even though it may be slashing rain outside, under the canopy is pretty well protected from the harshest of the elements. So do we ride mountain bikes in the rain? Yep. If the weather is going to be a safety risk (ie. Lightning, Windstorms), we will look to reschedule your mountain bike lesson. If you are a fair weather rider only (not that we are judging you!) and you want to cancel or reschedule our normal cancellation policies will apply. Remember, #itsalwayssunnyinsquamish
Cameras & Photos
If you are comfortable riding with your camera (and the risks of something happening to it) by all means bring it along. There is a risk you might fall while mountain biking and bulkier cameras are more likely to be damaged if this happens. Nowadays, phones are pretty good at snapping pictures and we know all the best places to show off back to your friends at home about what they are missing. If you forgot your phone or camera, our guides are happy to snap a couple shots and send them to you so you can cherish the memory.
Unsanctioned Trails
While we think it would be awesome for us to be able to take you everywhere that the mountain biking media has featured in our area, the harsh reality is that many of those trails are illegal or non-sanctioned which limits our ability to provide you commercial service on those trails.

However, British Columbia is filled with incredible, legal trails and we would argue that you can have one of the greatest mountain biking experiences of your life without needing to break the rules. If we tell you that we can’t go somewhere and someone else says they can take you, our suggestion is to ask if they have permission to do it. Keeping ourselves legal is paramount to protecting our sport for future generations!
Tips & Gratuities
Like any service industry in North America, tipping is a way of showing your gratitude for the level of service you received. Don’t feel pressured to tip your guide but if you had an awesome experience and your mountain bike guide made your day something special, a tip goes a long way to showing that appreciation. If you are looking for a recommendation on how much to tip, our clients will normally tip their guide(s) between 10% and 25%.
Shuttle Laps
Squamish is home to some amazing mountain bike trails and does have a shuttle access in one zone that is limited to advanced intermediate riders. However the climbing trails in those areas are also pretty spectacular and it opens the entire trail network to you – for people without the endurance, just take your time and enjoy the scenery. If you are only here for a short time and you want us to coordinate a shuttle as part of your tour to maximize your riding time, please let us know when you are booking and we will be happy to coordinate it.

Your other option is to rent an E-Bike from us. Squamish currently allows E-Bikes on all sanctioned trails and it is definitely a more eco-friendly option than driving a fossil fuel burning vehicle up the road. Just remember the rules of the trail when riding an E-Bike – It can be easy to speed up the hill but you still need to yield to the other users. Be respectful!
The Family
We love getting the whole family out on bikes. Squamish not only has some of the best advanced mountain bike trails on the planet, but it also has a great network of lower consequence and super exciting riding that is perfect for a family trip. If you need rental bikes while you are here, we can help you there as well, or if you are new to the sport, we would suggest booking an Intro to Mountain Biking experience, which includes the bike rental! We have an awesome selection of high-end youth bikes so your little shredders can show you how it’s done.
E-Bike are welcome on all guided tours. Squamish is an E-Bike friendly location and you are welcome to use an E-Bike on any of the sanctioned mountain bike trails. Our guides will ride their "analog" bikes by default, meaning you will ride uphill at their speed. If you would like your guide to also be on an E-Bike for your guided ride (maximizing the distance you could cover during your ride), there is an additional fee that will be added to your experience.

We include normal mountain bikes for Intro to Mountain Biking experiences as E-Mountain Bikes on trails can be difficult for new riders to maintain control of given their increased weight and power.
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