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RideHub is your source for bike rentals in Squamish with a wide selection of enduro mountain bikes, youth bikes, cruisers, gravel bikes and e-bikes available all season long. When you are ready to go biking in Squamish, we have you covered.

High-end equipment & rentals

When you are in British Columbia, rent a bike that was designed for the terrain you will be riding from the #1 rated rental shop and you won’t regret it!

What you need to bring

Pedals & Shoes

Your rental bike will come with a set of top notch flat pedals for you to use. All you need to do is bring your favourite shoes and you are off to the trails (Shoe rental is *NOT* available). If you run clipless pedals or cleats, it is recommended that you bring your own pedals and shoes as you will be more comfortable riding in them, unless you want to try flat pedals. Given that some of the mountain bike trails are more aggressive than other riding areas, some clients prefer to ride with flat pedals in Squamish.

Liability waiver & rental agreement

An understood & signed Liability Waiver and Equipment Rental Agreement is required from anyone who wishes to rent equipment from the Archer Adventure Company Inc.

Please review our waiver and agreement here and if you have any questions regarding it, or the rights you are waiving by signing it, please contact us right away. You will be emailed a link to fill and sign your waiver digitally when you book your bike rental. Please follow the instructions in a timely manner to avoid delays on the day of your rental.

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Here’s how it works: when you rent your bike from RideHub, you can also take advantage of our partner shuttle service. Instead of worrying about how to transport your bike to the trails, or riding from the shop simply leave it to Shred Shuttle.

Shred Shuttle offers a shuttle service collecting you at a convenient time outside the shop directly to either the bottom or top of the Squamish trail network. 

After completing your rental a confirmation email will have instructions and a discount of how to book the shuttle service. 


Helmets are mandatory for all participants in any cycling activity. There are no exceptions to this rule. Helmets are *INCLUDED* in the cost of your rental

It is advised that you also bring any body armor that you are comfortable spending the day in. Most riders (including many of our mountain bike guides) will bring knee/shin protection and some will also bring elbow protection. If it helps your confidence and doesn’t hinder your endurance, consider bringing it.

Knee and/or Elbow Protection is available to rent as a kit for $10 per rental.

Gloves & protective eyewear are also recommended. Top quality gloves can be purchased from our retail shop that will make you fit in with the cool kids and keep your hands safe.


A lot of people underestimate just how much riding (and climbing) they will be doing when riding in Squamish. The climb trail to the top of the trail network is over 1000m (3500ft) of vertical elevation. We sell water bottles and hydration packs in case you don’t have one and they make excellent parting gifts as a commemoration of your trip. If you don’t want to buy something to keep you alive out there, make sure you bring something with you. Our retail shop also sells electrolytes, snacks, bars and cookies to make sure you don’t wither away on your epic day.

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