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Private mountain bike coaching with RideHub is the fastest way to understand and improve your riding While skills camps and clinics provide a cost effective way to help a rider improve, receiving dedicated one-on-one private coaching and mountain bike lessons with industry certified professionals will provide you with the fastest return on your training investment and skills development.

Designed for individuals and private groups for up to 4 people, RideHub Private Coaching & Instruction enables riders with one of the industry’s most advanced skills coaching programs. No matter what it is that you are trying to accomplish through your mountain bike lessons, our focus and methodology will take you from the introduction of the skill to the mastery of that same skill in the shortest time possible.

The important details:

SEASON: All Season!
DURATION: 4 & 6 Hour Lessons
LOCATION: Squamish
MAX RATIO: 4 Clients to 1 Guide
Starting from: $125.00+tax per person

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A person embarking on an adventurous mountain bike ride in Squamish, showcasing their skills on a wooden ramp.


$ 109
1x 3 hours
  • Learn to launch in a controlled environment with our intensive Drops camp
Three adventurous mountain bikers in Squamish, enjoying an adrenaline-pumping ride on a breathtaking trail that offers them panoramic views of a picturesque lake.


$ 80
Intro to MTB
  • Leave the map at home and let our certified guides lead the way!
Two mountain bikers on top of a rock enjoying the stunning view while sipping coffee.


$ 169
1x 4 hours
  • Master the skills needed to negotiate the challenging rock slabs in Squamish

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