Skills Clinics

Mountain bike skills clinics in Squamish, designed and focused to get the most out of your riding across a broad range of skills and foundational elements.


Growing as a group

Top-rated mountain bike skills clinics designed to improve your riding in an exciting and dynamic team environment.

A group of people riding mountain bikes in a parking lot, fueled by their adventurous spirit.
A person riding a mountain bike on an adventurous wooden ramp in Squamish


$ 109
1x 3 hours
  • Learn to launch in a controlled environment with our intensive Drops camp
Three mountain bikers enjoying a thrilling ride down a trail in the woods.


$ 209
2x 4 hours
  • Understand everything that makes cornering a reality
Two mountain bikers on top of a rock enjoying the stunning view while sipping coffee.


$ 169
1x 4 hours
  • Master the skills needed to negotiate the challenging rock slabs in Squamish
A rider going up a punchy section of trail in Squamish using the skills from our mountain bike climbing lessons


$ 109
1x 3 hours
  • Let’s face it, you hate climbing. It’s OK to admit it.
A person embarking on an adventurous ride through the dirt trails of Squamish while riding a mountain bike.

Advanced Cornering

$ 209
2x 4 hours
  • Explore a cornering mastery with our RideHub Advanced Cornering Clinic.
A person enjoying their morning coffee while mountain biking through a foggy forest.

Intro to Jumps

$ 169
1x 4 hours
  • Dive into the world of jumps with our Introduction to Jump course!

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