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Our RideHub Skills Clinic for Cornering provides two day weekend of focused and detailed cornering technique, with two 3-hour sessions. Let our expert, certified instructors guide you in mastering the art of cornering across all types, including flat, tight, technical, flow, and berms. Tailored for riders at levels 1, 2, and 3, this clinic is designed to enhance your skills and confidence on the trails.

Our expert instructors use a unique and differentiated approach to coaching that takes elements from each of the major industry coaching methodologies, something you can only get from RideHub.

If you have been struggling to rail those berms or have a tendency to wash out on gravel turns, book this clinic, you won’t regret it.

The important details:

SEASON: Feb - Nov
DURATION: 2 x 3 Hour Lessons
LOCATION: Squamish
MAX RATIO: 6 Clients to 1 Guide
MINIMUM AGE: 12 years
PRICE: $209.00+tax

Book now:

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  • May 25th & 26th (9am – 1pm Daily)
  • June 29th & 20th (2pm – 6pm Daily)
  • July 20th & 21st (9am – 1pm Daily)
  • Aug 24th & 25th (2pm – 6pm Daily)
  • Sep 28th & 29th (9am – 1pm Daily)
  • Oct 26th & 27th (2pm – 6pm Daily)

Unsure about your riding level?

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