Intro To Mountain Biking

Here is a tour tailored for visitors to Squamish and people interested in experiencing mountain bikes for the first time making it a great experience for the whole family!

Explore the world’s best mountain bike destination…

Come see what all the fuss is about and let our industry certified guides show you why they love cycling in the mountain biking capital of the world, Squamish BC!

Over the last few years, Squamish has quickly developed into a hot spot for adventure tourism enthusiasts. Previously only a rest stop between Vancouver and Whistler, Squamish is now a full fledged destination for anyone with a yearning to experience the outdoors on an elevated level. There is no better place to give Mountain Biking a try than Squamish! Mountain Biking will give you a new perspective on outdoor excitement and provide you (and your family) a new challenge that will test you both mentally and physically. Our industry certified guides know how to get the most out of your trip to Squamish and will make sure your first experience on a mountain bike is a memorable one!

During your Intro to Mountain Biking session, we will teach you the fundamental skills you need to tackle the trails with confidence. Whether it is just yourself, or the whole family, Our guides will show you some of the infamous breathtaking trails that reside in our coastal forests that are entirely unique to this area. Squamish hosts the largest remaining intact temperate rainforest in the world.

Everything you need will be provided, including a super high-end Mountain Bike from Norco Bicycles and a Helmet to keep you safe.

Rider Profile


Squamish has terrain and mountain bike trails for all rider abilities. This tour is designed for clients and families who are generally new to Mountain Biking and want to give it a try.




Single Rider


Price is listed in Canadian Dollars
Price is exclusive of taxes
Trail Advocacy High-Five Included
All Equipment & Local Transfers Included

Two Riders


$110 per additional rider
Price is listed in Canadian Dollars
Price is exclusive of taxes
Trail Advocacy High-Five Included
All Equipment & Local Transfers Included

Groups of Three


Maximum 6 riders
$80 per additional rider
Price is listed in Canadian Dollars
Price is exclusive of taxes
Trail Advocacy High-Five Included
All Equipment & Local Transfers Included


Private Intro to Mountain Bike Tours are available throughout the riding season.

Intro to Mountain Biking is approximately 2 Hours in duration, tours depart at 10:00am from Squamish most days during the riding season.

Custom departure times are available by contacting the office.

Come learn why everyone wants to ride a Mountain Bike!

RideHub is the best! We booked one of their Guided Mountain Bike Tours being beginners at best and had an absolute blast with our guides who were kind, patient, thoughtful and extremely positive leaders. Thank you so much!

Lacey P.Squamish Guided Rides

Had an awesome experience in the Squamish forests with the RideHub team. I never felt like I was in over my head but still managed to do some things on my mountain bike that I never thought were possible. Amazing!

Mike P.Squamish Guided Rides

Tailored Mountain Bike Experiences

Have an idea that you want to make happen? Maybe a surprise for a friend or a significant other? Let us know and we’ll tailor an unforgettable experience with our guides. Combine our Intro to Mountain Biking with some Squamish specific entertainment, nightlife and overnight accommodation and create a memorable experience. We are expert event planners so let us know what you need and we’ll make sure your plans are set up for success!

What Do I Need To Bring?

Closed Toe Shoes

A rental bike is included for your Intro to Mountain Biking tour and we will provide flat bike pedals that are suitable for flat soled riding shoes (Shoe rental is *NOT* available). Your shoes should have a flat surface (avoid hiking boots, etc.) and be laterally supportive. Remember, this is a strenuous physical activity!


Since Squamish is in the mountains, the weather can change quickly so it is important that you dress appropriately and also bring the right clothing for inclement weather (tours are not cancelled because it is raining!)

Be sure to dress in layers that are easily removed and stowed (no bulky items). Light rain or wind shells are a great item to have available if the weather changes suddenly.

Avoid jeans or other restrictive clothing and be prepared to sweat a little! We will happily pack your outer layers for you once you get warm.

Hydration & Snacks

Because we will be spending a couple hours on the trails, it is your responsibility to keep yourself hydrated – and it’s easy to forget when you are having fun. We will provide you with a water bottle with fresh water in it. Our mountain bike guides will be making sure you are drinking it!

If you like to snack when doing physical activity, please bring any additional snacks/bars that you will need to consume with you.


An understood & signed Liability Waiver is require from anyone who wishes to participate in a cycling related activity (Guided Rides and Guided Mountain Bike Tours) with the Archer Adventure Company Inc.

Please review our waiver here and if you have any questions regarding it, or the rights you are waiving by signing it, please contact us right away. You will be emailed a link to fill and sign your waiver digitally when you book your experience. Please follow the instructions in a timely manner to avoid delays on the day of your course.


Don’t forget to bring your camera or cell phone so you can show your friends back home and on Instabook for Facegram how much fun you are having riding a mountain bike in the coastal forests of BC! Whatever camera you decide to bring, just make sure at a minimum that you can pack it securely into a backpack when you are riding.

Common Questions

Should I bring a camera, can you take photos of me?

Take a moment and go read the “What Do I Need To Bring” section above! Absolutely, if you are comfortable riding with your camera (and the risks of something happening to it) by all means bring it along. Nowadays, phones are pretty good at snapping pictures and we know all the best places to show off back to your friends at home about what they are missing. If you forgot your phone or camera, our guides are happy to snap a couple shots and send them to you so you can cherish the memory.

Should I tip my guide?

Like any service industry in North America, tipping is a way of showing your gratitude for the level of service you received. Don’t feel pressured to tip your guide but if you had an awesome experience and your mountain bike guide made your day something special, a tip goes a long way to showing that appreciation. If you are looking for a recommendation on how much to tip, our clients will normally tip their guide(s) between 10% and 25%.

My endurance sucks! Will this tour be OK for me?

We tailor each experience to the guests that are participating. We will make sure that the tour you go on will be suited to your ability level. You can also upgrade your experience to have an E-Bike (if available) which will provide some welcome assistance when climbing up hill. If you have any questions, please call the office and we would be happy to chat!

Is this a family friendly tour? Will my kids love it?

Absolutely! We love getting the whole family out on bikes. We have awesome, top of the line youth bikes with plenty of easy gears so it keeps the complaining to a minimum! Our guides are experts with kids and know how to keep the atmosphere fun and enjoyable.

The weather looks terrible that day, do we reschedule?

Unlike a lot of other riding areas, coastal British Columbia is actually a temperate rainforest, which means it rains – a lot. But alas, that also means many of our trails were designed to deal with the rain. Also thanks to an incredibly dense canopy even though it may be slashing rain outside, under the canopy is pretty well protected from the harshest of the elements. So do we ride mountain bikes in the rain? Yep. If the weather is going to be a safety risk (ie. Lightning, Windstorms), we will look to reschedule your tour. If you are a fair weather rider only (not that we are judging you!) and you want to cancel or reschedule our normal cancellation policies will apply. Remember, #itsalwayssunnyinsquamish

Come Experience Everything Squamish Has To Offer