Drop Skills Clinic

Use our expert, certified instructors and a purpose built progression system to learn, develop and master the mountain bike skills required to perform drops in a lower consequence and controlled environment

Learn to Drop, just safer…

As one of the two maneuvers on a mountain bike that get your wheels off the ground in a big way, Drops require a lot of commitment and many people who have tried to learn drops out on the trail have experienced how challenging drops can be when things go well and how painful (or season ending) they can be when they don’t go well. At RideHub we understand how difficult it can be getting over the mental hurdle of launching yourself and your bicycle off a perfectly good obstacle. In this Skills Camp – Drop session, you and 11 other participants will work closely with our expert instructors to learn, develop and ultimately master your mountain bike drop skills.

Probably the biggest hurdle facing most riders attempting to learn drops is that most trail networks don’t have an adequate training area for drops. Many have some form of drop progression area, but they don’t teach you the required skills to safely negotiate the drops. There are also many different ways you can negotiate a drop and it is important for you to know when and where certain techniques make sense. We will learn them all.

Because of this, we have built a modular drop progression system that allows us to control all the variables from take off angle, drop height and landing angle so we can safely develop your drops skills in a fun and exciting group setting. It’s one of the safest and most effective ways to get your drop game on point!

Rider Profile


RideHub Drop Skills Clinic is suitable for Intermediate to Advanced riders with a minimal endurance requirement. Beginner riders should complete a Core Camp or Clinic first




3 Hour Camp


Price is listed in Canadian Dollars
Price is exclusive of taxes
Trail Advocacy High-Five is Included


Dates for our camps are clinics are in the booking calendar, hit the button below to check these out.

We can also accommodate private camps and clinics with a minimum of 4 riders, please email to inquire.

Drop Skills aren’t just for Drops!

We understand that there are 5 primary ways that a rider can execute a drop and it’s important that you know each of them and their purpose. For the most common techniques, you need to know how to execute the move and when to use it. Let us help you take the guess work out of drops and turn your skill development into muscle memory. Here are some of the areas we will focus on during this half-day mountain bike skills workshop:

  • Range of Motion

  • Suspension Setup

  • Timing and Coordination

  • Decisions based on Speed

  • Eye Movement

  • Tire Pressure Setup

  • Body Position

  • Lunges, Stomps and Preloads

I invested a few days into some private skills coaching with the RideHub team and I just want to say thank you for the tremendous support with my riding. I look forward to shredding the trails all season and coming for a refresher before the start of next season. Thank you!

Jessica R.Private MTB Instruction

Learn, Develop and Master Drops

Drive your progression and development in a safe and fun group environment

By far the best skills coaching I have ever received on a bike. Matt took the time to break my riding down to it's core pieces and through his lessons help me understand why I had trouble progressing further with my skills. I Highly recommend mountain bike private lessons!

Anonymous RiderPrivate MTB Instruction
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What Do I Need To Bring?

Mountain Bike

If you require a rental bike as part of your Drop Skills Clinic, please contact the office to coordinate your equipment rental. We have everything you will need!

Your mountain bike should be in good working order and should have been recently serviced. Our Skills Camp instructors will perform a safety check on your bike prior to the start of the course. While we will assist with any minor issues that are identified, but participants are ultimately responsible for the condition of their own bicycle. Participants with unsafe bicycles will not be allowed to participate in our Drop Skills Clinic.

Your bicycle should have the following minimum equipment spec:

  • 2″ or wider knobby tires
  • Full Suspension (with 4″ of travel minimum front and rear)
  • At least 10 Gears
  • Disc Brakes

If your bicycle does not meet the minimum specifications, rental bicycles are available at a preferred rate for participants.

Pedals & Shoes

RideHub always recommends using Flat Pedals (no clips or cleats) when developing a skill. Flat pedals force a rider to use correct pedal position while performing maneuvers. We have a limited stock of Flat Pedals so let us know as early as possible if you need to borrow some. We also sell them!

As equally important as pedals are your shoes. A good quality flat soled Mountain Biking shoe should be used with flat pedals. Flat pedal shoes can be purchased from your local bike shop and are a great piece of kit to invest in.

Armor & Protection

Helmets are mandatory for all participants in any cycling activity. There are no exceptions to this rule.

It is advised that you also bring any and all body armor that you are comfortable spending the duration of the course in. Most riders will bring knee/shin protection and will also bring elbow protection. Your mountain bike coach may also wear armor they are comfortable in. If it helps your confidence and doesn’t hinder your endurance, consider bringing it. Ultimately, it is your decision how much you want to armor up for your clinic. Because we will be performing “wheels-up” skills that are associated with higher risk of injury, we suggest armouring up as much as possible.

Gloves & protective eyewear are also recommended.

Hydration & Snacks

Because we will be spending a good portion of the day on our bikes, it is your responsibility to keep yourself hydrated – and it’s easy to forget when you are having fun. We will have a water jug that you can use to refill your waterbottle. Please make sure your water bottle or hydration pack is full of fresh water when you arrive. Remember, practicing Mountain Bike Skills can sometimes be more exhausting that just riding your bike, especially when the sun is out and we don’t have a forest canopy to protect us.


An understood & signed Liability Waiver is require from anyone who wishes to participate in our mountain bike lessons or be provided with skills coaching by the Archer Adventure Company Inc.

Please review our waiver here and if you have any questions regarding it, or the rights you are waiving by signing it, please contact us right away. You will be emailed a link to fill and sign your waiver digitally when you book your experience. Please follow the instructions in a timely manner to avoid delays on the day of your course.

Common Questions

Which trail are we riding for this clinic?

To control the variables and maximize the progression of your drop skills, this course takes place in a controlled, non-trail environment. This allows us to maximize the time you get practicing the skill and removes other trail users from the situation.

How big of a drop will be I riding?

That’s ultimately up to you! Our coaches will work with you to build your skill on smaller drops before allowing you to attempt larger drops. Once you have shown repetitive competency on the small drops, you will be given the option to attempt the next larger drop. The largest drop in our progression kit equates to approximately a 6ft drop (we don’t always get to use this drop during the course, but it is available)

I also want to learn Jumps - which should I do first?

We always teach drop techniques before we teach a rider how to Jump. Being able to ride drops safely and consistently is a prerequisite for learning to jump. If you ask a coach to teach you how to jump and they don’t check that you can do drops confidently first, find a new coach!

The weather looks terrible that day, do we reschedule?

Unlike a lot of other riding areas, coastal British Columbia is actually a temperate rainforest, which means it rains – a lot. So do we ride mountain bikes in the rain? Yep. If the weather is going to be a safety risk (ie. Lightning, Windstorms), we will look to reschedule or refund your clinic. If you are a fair weather rider only (not that we are judging you!) and you want to cancel or reschedule our normal cancellation policies will apply. Remember, #itsalwayssunnyinsquamish

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