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Use our expert, certified instructors to unlock the skills required to take your cornering game to the next level with the RideHub Skills Camp for Cornering

Re-learn how to turn...

Sometimes as riders we need to laser focus our learning in a particular area of development. Cornering for the most part is one of the most challenging maneuvers that riders struggle to master. In comparison to our Core Camps & Clinics where we develop the broadest set of fundamental elements, in this full-day camp we dive deep into the elements of cornering and give a broad progression strategy for refining your cornering abilities. In order to maximize the development of each rider, we cap the limit of students to 12 so you get the attention you need to see actual results.

Our expert instructors use a unique and differentiated approach to coaching that takes elements from each of the major industry coaching methodologies, something you can only get from RideHub.

These full day camps are a great way to make new friends in the riding community that you can share your successes with. Did we mention that you also get a fresh and healthy lunch on top of it all?

If you have been struggling to rail those berms or have a tendency to wash out on gravel turns, book this camp, you won’t regret it.

Rider Level

Technical 2-4

Endurance 2-5

RideHub Skills Camp – Cornering is suitable for Intermediate to Advanced riders with Intermediate Endurance abilities. Beginner riders should consider taking a Core Camp or Clinic first.


6 Hour Camp

$ 155

per Rider
  • Fresh, Healthy lunch is included
  • Price listed is in Canadian Dollars
  • Price is exclusive of taxes
  • SORCA High-Five is included

2019 Dates


Saturday Session
June 1st 2019
9am-3pmBook Now

Understand everything that makes cornering a reality

There is no “one right way” to corner. Every corner and every rider is different and because of that, a rider needs to have an arsenal of fundamental elements at their disposal to adapt on the fly. In this camp, riders will learn and develop the core fundamentals used in every corner, and then progress their cornering by adding additional elements. Here is a quick list of a few of our target areas for the day:

  • Range of Motion

  • Leaning vs Steering

  • Pedal Position

  • Speed Management

  • Eye Movement

  • Line Selection

  • Body Position

  • Balance & Stability

Focused Skills Clinics

Designed to drive your cornering development goals

I invested a few days into some private skills coaching with the RideHub team and I just want to say thank you for the tremendous support with my riding. I look forward to shredding the trails all season and coming for a refresher before the start of next season. Thank you!

Jessica R.Private Instruction

Understand the elements of Cornering

Drive your progression and development in a fun, welcoming group environment

By far the best skills coaching I have ever received on a bike. Matt took the time to break my riding down to it's core pieces and through his lessons help me understand why I had trouble progressing further with my skills. I Highly recommend mountain bike private lessons!

Anonymous RiderPrivate Instruction

What do you need to bring?

Mountain Bike

Your mountain bike should be in good working order and should have been recently serviced. Our Skills Camp instructors will perform a safety check on your bike prior to the course starting and while we will assist with any minor issues that are identified, participants are ultimately responsible for the condition of their own bicycle. Participants with unsafe bicycles will not be allow to participate.

Your bicycle should have the following minimum equipment spec:

  • 2″ or wider knobby tires
  • Front Suspension (with 4″ of travel minimum)
  • At least 10 Gears
  • Disc Brakes

If your bicycle does not meet the minimum specifications, rental bicycles are available at a preferred rate for participants.

Pedals & Shoes

RideHub always recommends using Flat Pedals (no clips or cleats) when developing a skill. Flat pedals force a rider to use correct pedal position while performing maneuvers. We have a limited stock of Flat Pedals so let us know as early as possible if you need to borrow some.

As equally important as pedals are your shoes. A good quality flat soled Mountain Biking shoe should be used with flat pedals. Flat pedal shoes can be purchased from your local bike shop and are a great piece of kit to invest in.

Armor & Protection

Helmets are mandatory for all participants in any cycling activity. There are no exceptions to this rule.

It is advised that you also bring any body armor that you are comfortable spending the day in. Most riders will bring knee/shin protection and some will also bring elbow protection. Your mountain bike coach may also wear armor they are comfortable in. If it helps your confidence and doesn’t hinder your endurance, consider bringing it. Ultimately, it is your decision how much you want to armor up for your lesson.

Gloves & protective eyewear are also recommended.

Hydration & Snacks

Because we will be spending a good portion of the day on our bikes, it is your responsibility to keep yourself hydrated – and it’s easy to forget when you are having fun. Please make sure your water bottle or hydration pack is full of fresh water when you arrive. Remember, practicing Mountain Bike Skills can sometimes be more exhausting that just riding your bike!

Lunch will be provided for this skills camp, however for “high-output” individuals, please bring any additional snacks/bars that you will need to consume with you.


An understood & signed Liability Waiver is require from anyone who wishes to participate in our mountain bike lessons or be provided with skills coaching by the Archer Adventure Company Inc.

Please review our waiver here and if you have any questions regarding it, or the rights you are waiving by signing it, please contact us right away. You will be emailed a link to fill and sign your waiver digitally when you book your experience. Please follow the instructions in a timely manner to avoid delays on the day of your course.

Never ride in a straight line again!

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