Ride & Roll – Summer Camp

A week long summer camp for youth through a partnership between The Squamish Ninja Gym and RideHub that combines Parkour, Ninja Skills and Mountain Biking to keep your kids fit, energized and engaged!

An awesome week long summer experience!

While summer is the best time of the year when you are a student in school, as a parent it can be incredibly challenging trying to find childcare, or signing up for quality youth programming that your kids will enjoy while you keep grinding away at work.

Through a partnership between The Squamish Ninja Gym and RideHub, we present the all new Ride & Roll Summer Youth Camp Series. This week long day camp for youth from ages 5 through 7 and ages 8 through 10 will have your kids engaged in both Parkour, Ninja Training and Mountain Biking, allowing them to have a fun-filled day full of dynamic, energy draining activities.

One half of their day will be spent with the coaches from The Squamish Ninja Gym. The focus is on fun and movement. The coaches will work with your child to organically build their physical literacy through structured games and activities. The learning environment is safe, nurturing, fosters self-esteem and ultimately creates success for every participant.

Your child’s other half of the day is spent with the Certified Mountain Bike coaches and guides from RideHub. This part of the day is all about getting out on the bike on the great Squamish trails and improving your child’s bike handling skills and fitness through guided discovery.

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Ages 6 to 8

$ 325

per Participant
  • Price listed is in Canadian Dollars
  • Price is exclusive of taxes
  • Includes Trail Steward High-Five

Ages 9 to 11

$ 325

per Participant
  • Price listed is in Canadian Dollars
  • Price is exclusive of taxes
  • Includes Trail Steward High-Five

2019 Dates


July 15th - 19th
9am - 4pmBook Now
July 22nd - 26th
9am - 4pmBook Now
Aug 12th - 16th
9am - 4pmBook Now

Dual Sport Camps That Keep Your Children Engaged and Active

The best part about sending the kids out for bike camp is the excitement they have when telling you about all the days adventures

Traci L.Ride & Roll Kids Camp

What do you need to bring?

Mountain Bike

Your child’s mountain bike should be in good working order and should have been recently serviced. Republic Bicycles in Brackendale can take care of any service requirements your child’s bike may need. Our instructors will perform a safety check on your child’s bike each day prior to the course starting and while we will assist with any minor issues that are identified, parents are ultimately responsible for the condition of their child’s bicycle.

Participants with unsafe bicycles will not be allow to participate.


A good quality flat soled running shoe should be worn by your child. The shoes must be closed toe – meaning no flip flops or thongs.

Armor & Protection

Helmets are mandatory for all participants in any cycling activity. There are no exceptions to this rule.

It is advised that you also bring any body armor (knee pads/elbow pads) that your child is comfortable spending the riding portion of the day in.

Gloves & protective eyewear are also recommended.

Food, Snacks & Hydration

Please ensure you pack a healthy lunch for your child with enough food and snacks for a day full of activity. Please send your child with a waterbottle as well. Lunch will be eaten at the The Ninja Gym Squamish location in their mezzanine. Pack as much as you like, and thermos’ and coolers are welcome.


For the gym portion, your child should wear shorts and a t-shirt. For the mountain bike portion, appropriate outerwear and layers are important – Dress your child to be outside (even if it’s raining!)


An understood & signed Liability Waiver is require from anyone who wishes to participate in our experiences or be provided with coaching through a skills clinic by the Archer Adventure Company Inc. and Wayland Sports.

Please review our waiver here and if you have any questions regarding it, or the rights you are waiving by signing it, please contact us right away. You will be emailed a link to fill and sign your child’s waiver digitally when you book your camp. Please follow the instructions in a timely manner to avoid delays on the first day.

Treat your child with an awesome experience!

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