Our Team & Philosophies

Come and take a look at the team we have assembled to help you achieve your goals and make your experiences amazing. Then let's understand what makes us tick and why we do what we do.

It's about the people...

We have assembled a team of guides and coaches that hail from across the continent and they each bring their own special flavour to the industry that we work in. We look for people that remember what it was like to cut your teeth on your first bike, what it was like taking your first trip to another country to ride and how good it felt to clear that obstacle that had been kicking your ass all last season. There are no egos here – just people, helping others learn, experience and enjoy the sport that we love.

You can't teach an instructor to have charisma or think strategically, those are innate talents that you either have or you don't...

Matt TrotterPrincipal Instructor

Chris Hajek

Guide & Instructor

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Annie Roy

Guide & Instructor

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Felix Dallaire


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Sara Archer

Guide & Instructor / Managing Director

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Matt Trotter

Principal Instructor / Operations Manager

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Our Philosophies

Lower Consequence


Higher Degree of Mastery


At RideHub, we take our Mountain Bike Coaching very seriously. In order to provide the best coaching and learning experience to our clients, we have taken our years of expertise coaching across Canada and developed our own curriculum which leverages not one, but all of the certified coaching methodologies. Our programs take the best parts of the BICP, PMBI and NCCP coaching certifications so we can provide a unique perspective to our clients. Our Principal Instructor is also an Instructor Trainer for the BICP in Canada, developing the future generation of coaches in the sport.

We take a simple and pragmatic approach to coaching which involves reducing the level of consequence and greatly increasing the level of mastery of a skill. This creates and promotes a safe learning environment and fosters rapid technique development that produces results.


From the moment you book with RideHub, our team has your back! We are committed to going above and beyond for our clients whenever possible, because your experience is important to us. We want to make sure you have the best day possible on the bike and we have empowered our team to deliver just that.

While “Safety First” may seem like a no-brainer, our guides are experts at choosing trails and locations that are a good fit for your group’s skill level yet can still provide an amazing and thrilling adventure on two wheels. It’s always a delicate balance and we want you, our client to think about “Riding for Tomorrow”, which will help you make better decisions today and stay safe on our trails.

Safety First


Exceptional Client Experience

Lowest Possible Impact


Giving Back

Business Operations

Every decision we make as a company involves considering two important questions. First, “Is this the most environmentally conscious way of achieving the desired outcome?” and second, “How can we give back to the community as part of this initiative?”

If we need to spend more money or make less money to invest in equipment or products that are better for the environment overall, we do that and we are proud of it. We are a tree-free company by only using recycled paper products made from post-consumer waste. Yeah it costs more (a lot more), but we can sleep at night knowing we didn’t cut any trees down so you can have a business card. We could also host this website on a more affordable server, but ours is carbon neutral. That stuff matters to us.

Every time someone takes a tour or a lesson, we contribute back into the local trail organizations and we work to build programming that gives back to the communities we operate in whenever possible.