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Common Questions

It says "Please Inquire" or "Upcoming", what does that mean?

First things first: Check your booking date to make sure it is on the date you want. Our Book Your Experience page is here to try and make it easy for you to book whatever experience you want, whenever you want it. This means that we have to keep a really close eye on our availability. Sometimes however due to reasons like seasonal weather, employee time-off and a plethora of other factors, an experience may show up with a status of 'Please Inquire'. If this is the case, please do not hesitate and give us a call or drop us an email. One of our booking agents will happily work with you and do whatever we can to get you the experience you want, when you want it! If it says 'Upcoming', check to make sure you aren't trying to book within 48 hours of your departure. If you are trying to book something last minute, give us a call - we would be stoked to assist!

Can I book a RideHub experience within 24 hours of departure?

Absolutely! However, this cannot be completed online using the Book Your Experience page. You will need to contact us by phone (preferred), email or use the contact menu item on the main menu to book on short notice.

I have a coupon code, how do I use it?

Congratulations, someone must love you to have gifted you with a RideHub Gift Certificate. When you are booking, you can enter the code from your certificate to apply the discount. If your coupon code doesn't work properly, drop us a line via email, phone or the contact form on the right menu and we'll get it sorted for you ASAP!

I want to book but the timeslots don't work for me

No Problem! Those are our most common timeslots. If you want to sleep in a bit, or be back before a certain time, please contact the office and have one of our booking agents set you up with whatever you need.

What is the SORCA Trail Pass or High-Five?

SORCA is the Squamish Off-Road Cycling Association and is responsible for the vast network of trails that we enjoy on a day to day basis. Without them, there wouldn't be much to ride and what you could ride would be a dilapidated mess. To support the trails, we make sure a donation for every participant in our experiences makes its way back to SORCA. A SORCA Trail pass puts money directly into the trail system! We sell trail passes from our Mobile retail location so it's super convenient. For our Skills Camps and Guiding services, we use the SORCA High-Five which is a $5 donation for each participant. These monies help keep the trail network in tip top shape.

Parts of this page look cut-off and buttons are missing. What's going on?

If you are on a mobile device, when you got to this page it tried to redirect you to our mobile specific booking page. Your mobile browser may have blocked that redirect even if you told it that it was OK. We have seen this happen with Chrome on Android phones. Please try loading the page again and see if you missed the blocked redirect pop-up bar. If you continue to have problems, we will happily take your booking over the phone or email.

Questions about the booking process?