Treat your bike this Christmas with our 360 winter service special

We know you love your bike, but recently it’s changed; it’s not how it used to be when you first met.

Some might say “out with old, in with new”, but there’s not many fish in the sea, and we think, with a little bit of TLC, your bike could feel brand new again.

What’s a 360 service?

360, like 360 degrees, is a complete service of your entire bike.

  • full pivot clean and grease
  • bearing replacement
  • bolt tightening to correct torque
  • front & rear brake bleed and pad replacement
  • sealant refresh
  • rear hub service
  • dropper post cable & housing replacing
  • new shift cable, housing installed and gearing tuned
  • drive train cleaned and lubed
  • remove & clean headset
  • bottom bracket re-greased or replaced
  • lower fork service
  • rear shock basic service
  • finish off with a bike polish

This is not a quick fling, we’re going to make sure every part is taken care of.

Ok, sounds great, how much?

$360 covers all labor costs (see what we did there?!) Replacement parts will be added to this.

I’m in! What next?

Bring your bike to the shop or call us if you have questions.