COVID-19 Statement

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To our valued clients,

Many industries which congregate people such as bars, restaurants and fitness facilities are being asked (or mandated) by their governments around the world to close their doors as a means to flatten the curve and reduce pressure on our healthcare resources. While are our industry and end user impact is much smaller, we believe we still have a responsibility to contribute to the greater cause wherever possible. Most coaching and tour organizations like ours are small businesses that depend on staying open and providing services. These small businesses are the lifeblood of towns like Squamish and if they are forced to close, our community will undoubtedly suffer the economic repercussions. Some of these businesses will not make it through a forced closure, and people will lose their jobs having a devastating effect on our community. The sooner we as a community, a province, a nation and a planet reduce the spread of this virus, the sooner these businesses will be permitted to re-open their doors and better chance we have of preventing a forced closure. As a small business, we empathize with the countless small businesses that are being affected by this so we are going to make some changes to do our part to #flattenthecurve. We hope this inspires other businesses, both large and small to do what they can to help get this virus under control so we can all go back to a level of normality in our operations.

That being said, RideHub has immediately implemented the following protocols within our business:

  • Across the business, all transactions/interactions will be done remotely, online or over the phone with minimal face to face interaction between clients and staff. This includes payments and waivers/documentation
  • Clients will be responsible to use their own electronic devices to facilitate these transactions
  • Customers who have been knowingly exposed to the virus or are exhibiting any symptoms are asked to stay home and cancel their arrangements as they will not be provided service

Coaching Services:

To properly coach people riding mountain bikes involves getting hands on with clients, well within the recommended 6 feet separation. Coaching is highly personal and the risk for transmission between a client and a coach is greater than in any other part of our business so we will be doing the following:

  • Coaching services are suspended until further notice (will resume based on the local and regional situation improving)
  • Clients who have booked coaching services will be provided refunds upon request, or services can be postponed until a time later in the season when this restriction is removed

Guiding Services:

To properly guide people riding mountain bikes, there is no requirement for close proximity within the prescribed minimum distances (with the exception of providing first aid). However the majority of our customer base using guiding and tour services are no longer travelling to Squamish.

  • Refunds or re-bookings have been processed for customers with guiding/tour services commencing before May
  • Customers who have had their travel plans impacted by the pandemic are encouraged to seek compensation though their travel insurance providers (3rd party or Credit Card insurance)
  • We are still accepting bookings for guiding services after the May timeframe
  • We will actively monitor the situation and provide an update on Monday April 20th
  • If the situation has not improved by that time and the advice to businesses has not changed, we will begin cancelling guiding and tours (based on a 2 week lead time) and providing refunds or rebooking opportunities for later in the season

Camps & Clinics:

Our camps and clinics begin in May this season. While clients may think that is a long time away, it is anyone’s guess how the next few months will unfold. Because of this, we will be implementing the following:

  • Camps & Clinics are currently still accepting bookings
  • We will actively monitor the situation and provide an update on Monday April 20th
  • If the situation has not improved by that time and the advice to businesses has not changed, we will begin cancelling programs (based on a 2 week lead time) and providing refunds or rebooking opportunities for later in the season

Bike Rentals:

Rentals will remain OPEN, and our staff have implemented the following protocols (A single staff member is owning this part of the business to reduce potential for spread):

  • Bikes are washed with soap and sanitized after each use
  • Interactions with staff for documentation, bookings and payment are done remotely online or by phone
  • Bikes are set up before client arrival by staff (wearing gloves) and put out outside to be picked up by clients
  • Clients can pick up bikes and return bikes without further staff interaction (with the exception of damage claims)
  • Any 1×1 interaction that is required will be done at a minimum possible distance of 6ft, performed outside with preference for further separation distances

Healthcare Pressure Reduction:

Mountain Biking is an inherently dangerous sport. There are risks associated to mountain biking and if you hurt yourself while riding and you require medical attention, you are taking valuable resources away from people who need them. Mountain Biking is a choice, and we would ask that all riders in the community and abroad adopt strict risk management protocols.

  • Opt to ride trails of a lower consequence
  • Go slower and ride more aware of your surroundings
  • Increase your personal protective equipment
  • Keep your bike in good working order
  • Take the opportunity to not ride your bike and volunteer to help keep the trails in tip top shape

We want to thank everyone for their continued support through this time and the countless customers who have opted to rebook later in the season as opposed to cancelling outright. With small businesses, every little bit helps and we hope to see you all on the other side of this ready to learn, explore and ride!!

Stay safe, and stay well everyone,