2020 Norco Sight rental bikes now in Carbon and Aluminum

The all new 2020 Sight’s have been completely re-engineered. By digging deep into how a rider’s centre of gravity impacts the bike’s performance, Norco engineers used anthropometric data, proprietary kinematic software and a new range of setup parameters to precisely match each individual rider to their bike. In other words Norco has made it possible for you to dial in your bike like a pro, it’s called “Ride Aligned”. And our staff are well versed in this new geometry and will work with you to set up your rental bike so it’s the way Norco intended it!

Take a look at the inventory here: https://ridehub.ca/bike-rentals-squamish/

New for 2020, Norco VLT E-Bike Rentals

We know you want to, and so do we! Starting for the 2020 season, we will have Norco All-Mountain E-Bikes available for rent from our super convenient rental location. If you have never tried an E-bike, but you like shuttling, think of these bikes as a more eco-friendly option to get your veritcal. Come try one and you’ll see what all the fuss is about.

And if you already know, then you know. Whether you are planning a trip out to Elfin Lakes or want to get a few more laps in during your time in Squamish, an E-Bike can help you accomplish your goals.

Rentals starting from as low as $85

Kids Deserve Nice Bikes Too

I promise if you let your kid get their hands on the new Norco Fluid 24′ Full Suspension whip they won’t let go. You won’t even need to ask them twice if they want to go ride and truth be told, we don’t think you will be able to keep up. Gone are the days of pushing them up the hill and wincing when they go down. Your kids are likely riding at a much higher level than you were when you were their age. With the advancement of trail features and difficulty, it’s important that you give your kids the best equipment to ride with.

Norco has taken their groundbreaking geometry and applied that to the new Fluid Youth bikes, making for an extremely capable descending monster truck that your kid won’t complain about pedalling uphill (well, maybe won’t complain). Be sure to check them out!

Rentals starting at $40 for 4 hours

Why Renting from us is the BEST

Extended Hours of Operation

We know you just got off work and wanted to take the new Sight out for a rip, and we can make that happen.

We understand that in the summer we all want to chase down the daylight and no one wants to call it quits at 5 pm. So we have you covered, you can return your bike anytime before 8 pm on a days rental.

Location, Location, Location

And did we mention RideHub Mobile is located right up by the trail networks. No need to rent a bike rack or try to squeeze it into your rental car (which most rental shops in town won’t allow you to do anyways). Nope.. You can park your car, pick up your bike and pedal straight to the trails, it’s that easy.

All In Pricing

Our pricing includes everything you need. There are no surprises like finding out you also need to rent a helmet. Helmets are always included in our pricing. Need a spare tube, pump and a multi-tool? We will make sure you leave with everything you need to have a great time out on the trails!